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Taking Care of Your New Tattoo:

Things you may need: Plastic wrap, liquid soap, paper towel, fragrance free lotion and medical tape.

1. In 2-3 hours remove bandage and wash thoroughly to remove all old ointment, ink, plasma.
2. Pat tattoo dry with paper towel and let breath. 
3. Apply a small amount of FRAGRANCE FREE lotion. Rub into tattoo carefully and dab off excess with paper towel. EXCESS LOTION OR OINTMENT WILL CAUSE EXCESS IRRITATION, SCABBING, AND POSSIBLE LOSS OF COLOR!  It's better to use none at all than too much.
4. Repeat step 3. two to three times daily for the first week.
5. Do NOT swim or soak your tattoo for 2 WEEKS.
6. Your tattoo with peel and flake in 3 to 5 days. This is a normal part of the process. Do not pick or peel off the skin, let it come off on it's own.
7. Your tattoo will now develop a silvery, snake-skin like covering which will make it appear to dull or faded. Again this is normal and will peel away. 
6. Your tattoo should be fully healed in 4 weeks.  (everyone is different and some areas could take a little longer) You CANNOT get a touch up until it is fully healed or you risk scar tissue.

NOTE:For larger tattoos with a lot of shading or full sleeves I may recommend covering your tattoo with plastic wrap before going to  bed on the first night ONLY --this is to prevent scabbing or sticking to sheets or clothing. This also is a protective barrier if your pets share a bed with you.

**All the above are suggestions. Keeping your tattoo clean and moist is the key to healing well. If you have a different method that has worked for you in the past, please use it.  If you develop excess irritation stop using lotion and let your tattoo heal on it's own. 

**I take the utmost precautions when setting up my station and during the tattoo to have a clean, safe environment.  However, a tattoo is an open wound and is exposed to many things outside the shop. Use common sense to avoid exposure to dirt and germs.  If you feel your tattoo is infected please contact your doctor.